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DSTT Multimedia Card for NDS and NDS Lite (Supports SDHC)


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The DSTT is a microslot-1 device designed, for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite respectively. This gizmo will enhance your DS system beyond your wildest dreams. It is basically an adaptor that will provide a fast and responsive interface with a MICRO SD memory card which will support to an amazing 32GB also supporting, moonshell and hombrew.This device will turn your DS into a multi-media player as well as the great gaming machine it already is. The DSTT has a high build quality and has a low price tag. Once you have formatted your SD memory card, you can begin creating your directories and transferring your files. We can supply micro SD memory cards. If a file is playable or viewable, such as games, including homebrew games, videos, mp3s and photos the DSTT will enable your DS system to play it and you will have an essential back-up or your valuable collection. You simply drag and drop your files onto the SD card from your PC via a card reader. The DSTT actually looks much the same as a standard Nintendo game cartridge only with the addition of a micro SD card slot.

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